I Live

Author: Matthew I. Wanner

Alright, here we go.

I've been away for awhile. It's a bit of a story, and while I was originally going to get into it, there's not really much point. I moved, didn't have internet, and then was forced to go off my meds because the VA sucks. There, that's all you get. The whys aren't important. What's important is that I am back, and here are the plans.

Get back in the habit of putting my chapters out at a regular pace. A note on the chapters; they're not supposed to be good, they are literally the roughest, unedited drafts. I am posting them more to show proof of progress. A friend an patron told me the other day that they were supporting my process first and foremost (I'm paraphrasing) and I appreciate that. I do have plans to put out more complete work on a semi-regular basis, but these early chapters are as much to show that I'm working and, hopefully, provide an early look into what will become The Old Lands. It's a look behind the curtain, and the horrible, horrible mess that resides back there. Welcome to my writing lab, it is utter madness. I like it that way.

I am also going to resume my blog, although I haven't decided if I will continue discussing The Hero with a Thousand Faces because I'm not sure that was very interesting, to me or anyone else. Not that the book isn't fascinating, but I don't think it was the best pick for what I was trying to do. I am definitely still going to talk about books. They're kind of my focus in life. I will also discuss other forms of storytelling, movies, tv, games, etc.

I'm also considering doing a podcast type thing where I read through some of my writing books and talk about the advice, my thoughts, and if I find it particularly useful. Along with that, especially once I start the editing process on The Old Lands, I may do a podcast or youtube type thing where I supply a copy of the manuscript I'm working on and go through my editing process with you. For the book, this will be a patron only thing, but other short stories will be public.

The Patreon overhaul I keep talking about is in the works, and I am actively seeking a graphic designer and/or cover artist to do some work for me to spruce it up and do a couple book covers for me. The priority to do a proper cover for Eyes on the Prize, my self published short story with just an awful cover.

Getting back on track might take me a few. I haven't done much in the past few weeks, and I don't yet have all of my medications. It's going to be a bit bumpy, but I am back.

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