Long Overdue Update: The Past and What's to Come

Author: Matthew I. Wanner

In lieu of another chapter of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, I feel we need to have a sit down. Well, mostly I need to disseminate some information, and I didn’t read this weeks chapter.

So, for a timeline, on the 27th, I put down my dog. He was very sick and he wasn’t getting any better, and he wasn’t going to get any better. I did what was right by him. The observant among you might notice that was the day after my last blog post. I caught some sort of really nasty flu on Sunday, but I thought it was just a hangover, so I waited it out and still felt kinda nasty on Monday, but it was my birthday, so I went out again. I also went out on Tuesday, still thinking I was just hungover. Now, normally I wouldn’t go out that much in one week, but it was an unusually busy one for me socially. On Wednesday, I crashed and crashed hard. Flu + drinking = bad time.

I admit, that flu would not have been as bad if I weren’t an idiot, but it was bad. Bad enough that I couldn’t get anything done and fell behind in everything. I’m now three weeks behind in class, far behind where I want to be with the book, and behind here on the blog. I also have to move this month.

So, where does this leave us?

Well, I’m going to try to catch everything up. The book isn’t going anywhere, it’s still my primary focus, and chapters will still be coming out on schedule for my patrons. Luckily, the blog isn’t a major time sink, but I’m looking at ways to make it a bit more interesting since I haven’t been terribly happy with the product I’m putting out. I, however, may miss a few weeks as I work on moving and catching up on class.

My move isn’t a simple move across town. I’m moving most of my belongings into a storage unit here in Oregon. Then, I’m going to drive my $200 Nissan Sentra with a missing rear window to CDA, Idaho and spend about a week there with my friends, after that I’m going to be getting back in my Sentra and driving to northern New Mexico. My Mom and Padre need some help on the ranch and while there’s a limit to how much I can help with a bum leg and uncooperative back, I’ll be there. While I’m there, I should have plenty of time to write, and I’ve got some me stuff that I need to work out.

I am going to keep a journal, and probably write regular posts here as I make that trip. I may start an instragam for the trip. The plan is to take my time and camp out under the stars on my way from Idaho to New Mexico.

Once I’m in New Mexico, things will settle down back to a regular schedule. May, however, is going to be a bit of an odd and irregular month, so please bear with me as I undergo these changes.

Thank you all, and rock on.

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