Patreon Launch!

Author: Matthew I. Wanner

It’s happening! Today is the launch of my Patreon, and I wouldn’t do such a thing without offering you, my friends, a little somethin’ somethin’. So, what I’m going to make available today are two chapters from the book I am currently working on. These are rough drafts, as all my chapters released to my Patreon supporters will be.

I’m releasing my chapters as rough drafts for a few reasons. The first is that I find trying to edit as I go just slows me down. I am a discovery writer and write best when I have momentum driving me forward. When I go back to edit behind myself, I find I lose that momentum. I also think it’s interesting to see manuscripts go from their earliest versions on to their final form. There’s a lot of people that get worried about their first drafts, and I want to show everyone that you can write a shitty first draft and still have it end up as an amazing story. When I finish writing the book, I will share my first few rounds of edits as well so people can watch this evolution. I will probably do upwards of ten rounds, and not all of those will be available, especially once I start doing the professional edits. However, I should have started working on the second book by then and will be releasing shitty first draft chapters again.

The chapters I’m sharing with you today are chapter two and three from the book I’m tentatively calling “The Old Lands”. I chose chapters two and three instead of starting with chapter one because chapter one needs some serious rewrites before it properly connects to the rest of the book. A lot of the time, it takes me a chapter or two before I understand what I’m writing, and in this case that means the first chapter doesn’t quite mesh with the rest of the book. As I mentioned above, I don’t like to edit while I write, so rewriting it has been put off until I begin my first round of edits.

The launch of my Patreon also marks the day I start posting here more often. I have been somewhat lax lately, partly due to having a lot going on in my personal life. I know that if I want to build a community of readers and writers I have to do my part too, so expect more updates. I am still getting the hang of all this, but it brings me a great deal of joy and satisfaction, so I am going to keep learning and improving as time goes on.

I am also setting up a professional Facebook page and YouTube channel to both allow me to interact more with my lovely readers and to share more of what’s going on and my particular brand of weirdness. If you’re not already following me on twitter, I can be found at @Moelik_Hond, where I share my day to day nonsense and share pictures of dogs.

This is going to be a hell of an adventure, and I can’t wait to have you along.

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